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Your ads will be shown on eBay's website or app next to products related to your business.

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Secure payments

Security is guaranteed by Adyen payment processor trusted by eBay, Uber, Spotify and other World Known Companies!

pay_for_result pay_for_result

Pay only for results

When you book a campaign, you can set the number of views you want your banner ad to get. If your ad does not receive as many views as you set in the beginning, you will automatically be refunded for the views your ad did not get!

fast_booking fast_booking

Fast booking

Place orders 24/7! You can make a booking that’ll start delivering on eBay in just 3 business days!

Create your campaign in just 4 steps

How to create a campaign

Select a placement for your banner

You can select from the available placements on eBay's website or app.


Target your audience!

Select who sees your ad by choosing your desired targeting options. Get to your targeted audience by specifying the location, age, gender and what products they could be searching for on eBay.


Create your Ad

Creatives are subject to review and approval by eBay.


Decide on your budget and schedule

Set how much you want to spend as well as your ad's start and end date.



Full control

You have full control of your campaigns and creatives. See campaigns statistics when your campaigns are live. Adjust targeting, change creatives, pause your campaigns if needed. You are the boss!


Automated Reports

Don't have time to check the dashboard when your campaigns are running? No problem! Set automated email reports and have all the updates sent to your email as frequently as you would like. You can have daily or monthly updates delivered to any email you want. Be on top of your ad's performance and save time!


A/B testing is great

Don't know which creative to use? Try out several. See which creative gets more views and clicks and easily turn off the other ones.

eBay Ad Manager is ready to help you grow your business!

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